Friday, February 21, 2014

Life is good, and love, even just remembered love is awesome...

As I take a long look back, at the falling apart as my body fails a system at a time, and the best medical technology, and doctors and medications attempt to slow, stop or reverse a trend or failure... I will have to take time to remember how wonderful it was to be in love, to receive love and to feel loved. Can I remember the dollars, sure, I still have little cash books where I spent how much for what and when - but that is all nothing when compared with the time in love... it is nothing.

I do feel very good now, am gaining strength and working out a little harder and trying to be a much better me than yesterday. Hope I am doing it at the proper pace, don't want to hurry and hurt some thing... so a glass of wine, and good night. Tomorrow comes early, and I will shoot at least the first day of Appleseed, may rest and praise the LORD on Sunday, and give thanks for all that I have received, especially all the love, that counts big time... why didn't I pay more attention to making it bigger and better? Well, it was very fine what ever I got and all I gave, it was all good. Good night, and wake to more of God's blessings on the morrow.

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