Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, New Year, what's up?

I spent part of the first day of the New Year looking at making my Marlin 795LTR better, according to another shooter on the RWVA forum. He provided pictures and advice. I looked at the pictures and the advice and took my rifle apart to work on it, and looked again at my rifle. But I only did some minor filing to remove a little metal. I saw some advantage in polishing the magazine well, and might do that later. But I think most of his claims aren't real, but they make him happy. In the end I didn't do all he recommended, but I worked my magazines in and out of the well, made sure that I understand the sequence designed into the rifle by their engineers, why the pieces fit the way they do. I will be checking various types of 22LR this weekend, just to see what it likes best. Cleanliness and best ammunition are always big factors in rifle functioning on Appleseeds, the other one is the shooter's familiarity with the rifle, everything I have done with this rifle is good, seems well designed - but inexpensive, which isn't a problem as long as it is safe and built to last a bit. Like my M1, as I get familiar with it, and little stuff I find along the way, it will be a better rifle for me. I expect the Marlin will be also.

I will be trying to be a better Earl all this year. The most difficult thing so far was getting rid of the cough and congestion, which I think is gone as of today. One step at a time, and before 364 days have past, it will be an other New Year. See you then.

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