Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who is still around that thinks the government can do it?

I ask because there are people that think fair taxation will get more support to those that can't do for themselves. Really have no evidence of any love from the government for the fallen by the wayside, slid off the grid, or anything. There is also no evidence that politicians suffer for their stupidity. They may not get re-elected but otherwise no evidence.

If you believe that the government knows what is best, then you want to be a member of the Taliban, the American Indian nations, Canadian First People or those in Australia and New Zealand that were there to watch the coming destructive forces upon their people and culture. Oh, add Africa to the mix, Zimbabwe was the result of benevolent government far away. I know that now everything is fine, because the government has been watching over those groups that couldn't help being less than civilized. Which might be why the Chinese, whose country is not the Middle Kingdom but the Central Kingdom (bad translation, folks) always had so much problem with accepting they weren't civilized, the Japanese knew the barbarians (not a Japanese term, but they have one similar) knew they had to modernize to resist domination of the Western Powers. They did a fine job, remained Japanese while doing it... but they weren't that civilized.

In the rush in America to stop the gun violence, Chicago is still with more murders than the others, and the strictest gun control. You really want to stop violence, but don't know how - not as a government, not enough love in government, not real love. In the gun control debate, back ground checks, training, and licensing have all had their day... comparison to driving an automobile jumps right up - until you get the fool that thinks that the government has been brilliant in control of automobiles to admit that more people die in automobile violence than with gun violence. That government control of highways, automobile design and efficiency and bankrolling failing automobile companies, licensing drivers and lots of laws about texting, reading, drinking, or driving impaired, or lawful insured ownership of the automobile has never stopped underage, drunk, reckless or irresponsible people from borrowing, stealing or operating an automobile to be used in another crime or tragedy - totally uninsured.

A great government doesn't work as a ruler, but as a servant - doesn't think it is God or god - but knows it has weaknesses that only the people may repair. Less government is better, and more willing participation in the problems of the day and tomorrow from the people would be best... but only if they really love each other. 

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