Monday, September 9, 2013

I am not a fighter I am a lover... ever hear that?

I heard it too often in my teenage years, and I was just the opposite - a fighter, not a lover. I think I got pretty good at the fighting, and since bluff is half the battle I was really good at that.

I had all kinds of things holding me back from dating, daring to was tougher than throwing a punch by a bunch. I was so backwards that a friend finally asked my Prom date choice if she would go with me if I asked her. That was embarrassing. I didn't thump him, because she was a great date and I never have had too many friends.

My wife has stopped talking to me, seems I have shamed her at church or something. We aren't talking about it - so it will be resolved sometime long after I am gone. Realize that I am not feeling her frustration, rage, hurt or whatever is my fault (which is really making her silent), I do love being a clueless man.

This house is quiet when I am here alone. One of my  friends from the Spanaway United Methodist Church rode his bicycle to my house and knocked on the door. We had been playing telephone tag, the door works better. I gave him a bottle of water and we covered many of our bases and things. Cannot text things like that, only face to face talk works - and I don't think the NSA has any idea of our position on Syria. Good to see him.

There must be several degrees of silence, home alone, home with others not speaking, outside with everyone waiting for the cougar to pounce on prey.... several degrees of silence.

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