Friday, September 13, 2013

How to get tired enough to go to sleep early and then wake...

Got to be exciting times, since a light workout at the YMCA didn't put me in nap mode when I had finished my lunch. I was wound up preparing for the Appleseed in Poulsbo, Washington. Going back after a great one in April. I have four support instructors, it is a great range and I get to be the Shoot Boss, which puts it all on my shoulders. Not like I haven't done them before but there is a competing Appleseed in Oregon the same weekend. Many of the instructor crew are going to that one or have other reasons not to commit to this one.

My shoot box was ordered, shipped and about three in the afternoon shows up from UPS. I have a new Shoot Boss hat, I have lots of unofficial green shoot boss hats, but now it is red with a black bill.

As I was playing with my blog this week, linking all the RWVA Appleseed events I have participated in or instructed at... I came to a realization that the blog and the postings show I had really disappeared for almost two years. 2011 - 2012. Did much complaining about being tired.

I am better now, must be since I have two days of commitment and five following to finish this one and prep for the following weekend in Port Townsend. A completely new range where Appleseed has never been before. Exciting times, yes, every new shooter every new Appleseed. Returning the heritage and the marksmanship skills to the American public.

In the mail was a small box today, with my new M1 Rifle Appleseed cap, a small Essential Liberty paperback, an RWVA oval for the back of the Caravan, a Betsy Ross and a Gadsden Yellow banner for posting on my Trusty Triumph. and my new FIVE year membership card in the RWVA.  With two free Appleseed passes for future clinics.Timely, now since this is a totally non profit organization, and there are so many dedicated to serving on the lines and behind the scenes, what seems to trouble the media so much about America... besides lack of leadership, commitment and no values. My wife is going to support tomorrow, her packing list concentrated on keeping us fed and watered. On Sunday I will be doing leftovers while she is at church. Wouldn't want to cross the great plains without her, or a fast food chain called Subway.

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