Monday, September 23, 2013

For our Posterity, again!

Another Appleseed bites the dust, not that there was any dust to be found this weekend. Port Townsend and the Sportsman Club was just down the road, about two hours and a bridge toll away. Beautiful country up there, and seemingly far from the King County Seattle-Tacoma metro madness. Seemingly. There was a special farm/resort for sale close to the range, actually lots of cool property for sale in that area I liked looking at.

Jay was the host coordinator, and had about eight young shooters, or never had ever shot shooters, signed up, Four were dropped off with his rifles, and visiting/viewing parents (very proud ones I would say) and he, would finally get on the line, shoot his own Rifleman score and be arm twisted into taking an Instructor in Training (IIT) orange hat for continuing his walk along the Appleseed Trail.

And the weather announcing the beginning of Fall was waiting to impress us mightily on Sunday, ripping corners up on targets or completely off the target backer, or just blowing the whole line down. A rifleman loves a challenge. A great bunch of folks, and good time had by all, and many were repeating participants, or expected to be returning to another Appleseed down the road. Looking forward to them. Port Townsend, WA, 21-22 September 2013.

How does one keep the passion in the romance? How does one keep looking at one's love with love, are we condemned to become jaded and give less than our best to the people that come, especially because we know it all, and they are so far behind our progress? That is the day you shouldn't have shown up, because you become part of the holier-than-them.... and clouding the water. Take a well deserved break, go towards your new love and be fondly remembered and talked about. Honest.

I am not going to take a break, just pace myself, and do some perfecting as I prepare for the next time, next month. Keep doing the tough work, of preparing for the collapse, or the wonder of Peace on Earth, or just having a happy healthy life.  There are so many depending, unknowingly, on you and your performance - the important ones you haven't met yet. Posterity, what has been done for you? 

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