Monday, August 5, 2013

Review 2 GUNS and Bunker Hill

I have finished reading Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, A Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick, Warner Publishing Large Print.  Centering around Doctor Warren, Boston and what wasn't but should have been if they had been politically correct. It didn't read smoothly, not a great story, but still I liked the details I hadn't found on my own before. Great telling of the Battle of Bunker Hill, for both sides. Again, for those limited to the public school education, this is an enlightening book.

I am becoming convinced that modern Historians spend too much time deciding that people long ago were short sighted, selfish and just wrong. Having lived my life I never want to see someone write the History of it, it would be confusing. So you die and go to Heaven, and when you get there - it isn't just Judgement you face, but you have to read the History written by some good angel that never worried about dying, making a living, nor growing up and old. Not enough common reference to understand why you lived that way.

I do recommend reading it, but then I always liked General Gage and General Washington, and loved reading about Doctor Warren.

I went to see 2 GUNS yesterday, it was an entertaining Hollywood effort to get men to the movies, it had lots of guns, bare breasts, hidden agendas and horseplay. They managed to make banks, small dinners with great doughnuts and SEAL teams look bad.

If you ever wanted to understand why the world thinks guns are terrible, this is a perfect example.
Two undercover agents manage to destroy carefully crafted bad business practices of the drug lords and CIA - the universal message is that one can't trust anyone they are sleeping with or doing road trips with, or are being paid by. Can't trust anyone over twelve probably.

Just when you were sure the Federal Reserve had a handle on inflation - in Dillinger's Day a ten thousand dollar bank robbery was an event. In today's world it has to be  43.125 million - just the results of inflation. Bigger better, more  bodies and more incompetent tactics and complete lack of a personal value system.

I enjoyed the movie, because it is ALL fantasy, gratuitous gun violence and meaningless quips.

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