Monday, August 12, 2013

I don't want to live in a world without love... so bye!

It seems Microsoft doesn't love me. Such a shame, one of my favorite solo games is by Microsoft. And they have done much in the internet/computer world that has made our lives better. But I am not willing to put up with their stupidity - because they don't love ME.  So, when my free Hotmail account, is no longer accessible to Earl, because he won't provide Microsoft with his telephone number or an alternate email address - they have cut me off.

So everyone is now free to email as much as you like for only Microsoft and the NSA or Homeland Sercurity will care to read what you wrote.  Lots of positive Christian thoughts, well mannered and well written poetry from everyone else, foreign languages and just cool baby talk will be appreciated. It will take them a bit to figure out that I know they don't love me and are just going to use me.

I am close to terminating my connection to the internet, I find that my  provider doesn't love me either - they just want my money, and then clutter up my screen with offers so stupid they annoy me. No love, I can leave.

Facebook now has a banner above it, where it came from I don't know. Could be a requirement from the Homeland Security folks, NSA or the Affordable Care Act - but sure enough they seem to want my telephone number, too.  Having played Castleville for far too long, I will have to leave that virtual refuge from bad government and worse merchandising. None of those seemed to love me either - they just wanted to use me to sucker my friends in (to help me, of course). Sad, I once looked forward to doing some neat stuff, but then I couldn't do it my way without BUYING lots of empty advantage. Sigh. No love there.

There is a program on television with a clip floating on the internet (so it may not have been successful). It is like Candid Camera with a big edge. So two women, homosexual committed couple come to a diner with their children and a waitress is offended and offensive about their life choices. This could never happen in New York so they had to go to Texas to find such a bad waitress. So the waitress stays on message and starts to make the world a terrible place - offering no love to anyone in the entire diner. Several men (?) quietly attempt to deflect her actions, muffle her stupidity and enjoy their own meal.  Now the two women are, like the two children highly paid actors, and don't you know the waitress is also an actress. No love anywhere - you can be paid to act stupidly, rudely and without love - and still they won't call you a prostitute. Nor will they call the peddlers of smut like this what they really are.... but they had no love for any of the people in the diner.  Not being in New York, one of the armed rednecks got up and shot the waitress once.

Well, it would have been more entertaining and dramatic. No, it didn't happen. But then the lawyers hadn't presented their suit causing all kinds of emotional distress watching their quiet meal disappear in an effort to promote stupid television. I should turn off the internet and the television - could raise my vocabulary, IQ and sense of harmony with the world.

It is sad living alone without love, but some of the places I went for entertainment became a certain reality - and they didn't have any love for me.  Don't think I should pay for their darkness entering my soul.

It is so easy to kill, and I know that only I hold me back.  My wife has been a big influence on my not killing many people, she never seems to give me her permission.  But today because she was offended by my not wanting sMothered by her efforts to keep me presentable in public - she said I can go on my own. Sigh, the last loving thing she said to me....

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  1. Heh, the ONLY thing they love about us is our $$$, Family cares much more!!!