Saturday, July 27, 2013

You have to pay attention to do better...

I was fooling around on the internet, and time was slipping by, so I went and jogged five kilometers. Felt good, fastest time in awhile, slow but faster than normal.

Got home, showered and got a rifle and went to the range. My goal to do it all today. They are open for shooting on Fridays from 10 to 4, and don't have to fight the crowds. Paid my money, unloaded my stuff and found when I opened the rifle case I had my Model 70, in 30-06, and almost certain I hadn't any of that ammunition in my Caravan. Started to pack out, then decided to check and see if they had any to buy.  They did and I got forty rounds, $23.50 a box. How did it ever get so dear? Looking at the internet offerings, it is correct pricing.

So I loaded up five and then another five and I did hit my targets,  had to love the way the bolt slides in and out, the trigger and the sling. All great. I just need bigger targets to shoot at. The last five rounds are the ones in the black and nearest it, low right. Don't ask if I called the others, the way up and the two way down were called then I settled into better shooting. I really should scope this rifle, it deserves my best efforts.

I talked with the shooters on both sides of me, both preparing for hunting season. One is off to South Africa for Cape Buffalo, the other deer and elk locally.

Go to the YMCA, and row and bike and sweat. Finished up with weight machines, eight stations, and then the Rope Trainer.

After I shave and dress we are going to Men's Bible study, such a subversive am I, just the kind of fella that won't be paying much attention to the foolish notions from Washington, DC nor New York and New Jersey. They just don't understand how to leave me alone, I will find some friends on Facebook or local area.

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  1. Concur on ignoring the idjits on the East Coast... Good 3x9 and you'll be good to go on that 30-06!