Thursday, July 4, 2013

How do you know you are going too fast?

Well, you could bump into over and then fall down on the curbs you didn't see as you drove unthinkingly.... oops! would you help lift this motorcycle off my foot? Highway bars are at the top of the improvement list for the Trusty Triumph. Then two motorcyclists recommended sheep skin for the seat of my Trusty Triumph, I recommend getting off of it more when it gets painful, but sheepskin is kind of Cossack or Afghan isn't it? Don't they do that on the Pampas?

In all of life I think you are going too fast if you didn't see all that you passed by, just missed it. Suddenly you wake up and you are sixty-five and where were you? between nineteen and then - did you write a book, could you write your autobiography? Kindle would publish it, but then was it interesting? Does it make you smile, shiver or sigh? Do you know any famous people?

Not to worry, most famous people don't know me either.

Good trip across the country and back, and I couldn't have been going too fast -- I remember most of it well.

And I got to practice my hugs, something a younger faster Earl never had time to master. Do hope my aunts appreciated my poor efforts, I was most happy.

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  1. Glad you made it okay, and glad you got time with family!!!