Thursday, June 27, 2013

I visit the Memorial... for all the right reasons...

With time to kill I ride my Trusty Triumph to find Soldiers Field and the Veterans Memorial. My aunt made sure that her brothers were honored there, she may have encouraged others in the family to contribute to the effort - but she made it happen. Normally, I would jog to the park, up the River Walk and into the park for visiting the Memorial but I have't a home nor hotel room yet and I am still riding. I turned into the park on 9th S, and decided to ride across the bridge - about halfway I figured this is meant as a pedestrian or bicycle bridge, but I don't do U-turns on bridges and I continued into the park to find the road I should have been cruising.

Still there, very impressive, I park and go to find the named markers, Lynn E Dungey and Donald D Dungey. They haven't moved, although the engraving is deep enough, the letters haven't been darkened. That is okay, my father wouldn't want to confront anyone and disturb them. I always use the engravings on the wall to find the markers. My cousin Merl flew Chinooks in Vietnam and I jumped from perfectly good (according to the Aircrews that would talk to us) with a parachute in mass tactical formations - may all your jumps be only simulated combat.

It was comforting to sit and think about all those men honored by this Memorial. What disturbed my tranquility was the American flag flying as a streamer... it wasn't connected on the lower grommet to the lanyard, and since it was electronic, I couldn't correct it. Pictures to follow at 11. Then I walked around the whole thing, reading the Revisionist History presented. This is Minnesota, and they do have a tolerance for Political Correctness. Most of the state is working too hard for the politicians to disturb them much. But none of the facts fit the World History - exactly - as I would have taught it.

Do you ever wonder if the records of Babylon, Egypt or Rome would have had the same problem, those with political points to make - and honor - and increase their personal power, may never had any truth within them? That whole Mayan Calendar deal was likely just a curse on someone's family and their time remaining. I should take a few days and write that autobiography - so everyone will know that I really never meant to hurt anyone and I was only doing it for posterior's sake. Should have done everything for the glory of the Lord and the love everywhere.


  1. I contacted the Memorial folks, and have a reply that they are going to have that fixed - the Flag. Will take a better picture tomorrow.

  2. PCism is killing us, along with revisionist history... And soon there will be no one who will stand up for those that came before us.