Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 New Year have to reorganize or just try to...

  So we have a Home Improvement scheduled and I have to organize a life around losing much of my home to workers and improvements. Along with that I want my computer cave to get some love, that project will be all mine. But Procrastination has ruled and now I am going to savagely reduce my library, I have a lot of DVDs and a couple of Blue Ray to dump, then new books to donate to a library, older books to Goodwill, and new military books (I left in 1995) to the local base library.

Slogging along....
  So I have started selling to Half-Price books, watching muted playoff football games, as I read about William the Conqueror's final years of conquest and defense against all comers. You think we really understand today's news - try readings about long ago and far away, although in your genetic and family dinner table tales. They just aren't the same stories. I never finished reading Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose, giving me all the reasons that the mission was a diverse blend of folks. Lewis and Clark took what they could and did the best they could. Kind of like Apollo Thirteen, seeing it from outside the scramble to survive with your popcorn and Coke, not the same as 'Houston, we have a problem.' in Tom Hanks voice. (I do have Undaunted Courage on my kindle, I will read it once I muffle my bias it is a fine adventure) 

    I keep wondering why my dreams keep taking back to Ft Bragg in the 82nd in the 19-whatever years, maybe I want to jog again? Don't worry, as Hal Evans told me, I don't jog... it was more slog along the road side. Probably too painful for others to watch. On a jog one morning, I got a call from the side of the road by the SF folks. It was an SF Major that was one of my fellow candidates in OCS in 1967. This was 1984 or 85. So we talked and it was cool, I was a 1SG and he was a Major. We were both Master Parachutists, ha, ha.

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  1. You're up, moving, and productive. It's all good Earl, and cleaning out isn't a bad thing.