Sunday, February 16, 2014

Don't push it...

Got up early, packed out and said farewell to wife, she was going hiking and I was going to Oregon to try shooting Known Distance at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. Almost three hours later I was there. So was the RAIN, heavy constant storms dropping water upon us. Still, except for two shooters, we swam on.

The first surprise was one round, cold bore, at Captain Morgan's shingle on the Redcoat target. Hmm, okay, I am not impressed by cold bore, and there is a zero on my M1 and settle down and break the ice. Bang! Cease Fire, Cease fire, cease fire. Unload and Clear. Is the line clear on the right, on the left. Go to your target and look.

Well, look at that, I hit it! Then the Shoot Boss comes by and awards a patch for joining Morgan's Riflemen. How cool is that? Immediately I thought I should just pack it up, it will never get better than that shot. But it was so nice that I had Ralph take a picture of this humble (?) shooter, there were eight others that did it also, but many of them were using optics, but the equipment is helpful, but in the end it is all the shooter for the refinement.

I had a fine day and a half, I changed to Range Safety Office and coach/instructor, seems my pacemaker wound is not happy with too much activity. I did like splashing around with the others and watching them get better and shoot an AQT, Spent the night safe, warm and dry with one of the shooters at his home. I was knocked out after a hot shower. My wallet was holding lots of paper pulp, the money and plastic always do better on swimming than the business cards, and appointment notes. What is the reason the Medicare Card isn't plastic, too?

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  1. Outstanding Earl!!! Congrats, and glad things went well...