Thursday, February 6, 2014

How are you going to protect your wealth?

Serious question, how are you going to protect your wealth? I see too many ads on news programs worrying about the collapse of the dollar, the end of time and the Zombie Apocalypse. How are you going to stop the rabid redistributioners? The fools that define poverty as lack of money, education and the fault of those that have enough and won't share? Lots of ways to lose that wealth, gosh you could go to the hospital for medical treatments and find everything going down that hole of qualified folks out to save you at all your cost. You could get targeted by thieves or financial hackers or political tax you more men. Lots of ways to lose it all.

As I was resting at home today I answered the telephone and scheduled another test for what is wrong with me, remember the man that doesn't have a problem with passing out at the YMCA, but everyone else does. In a land with drugged and drunk drivers, the doctors are only concerned if I pass out while driving. To protect me from feeling guilty when I do it and hurt others, I guess. Thank them for their concern, but they never knew me before and were only reaching for a reason to stimulate me into accepting their treatment. Kind of like the government deciding anything is better for everyone for whatever the reason is, as long as I believe. I do believe, that I will be better after my medical treatment is set, but then I do know that I will test the limits of the cage I will be carrying with me. My doctors have said I can run and have a regular life after the wound heals and the pacemaker becomes part of me. No MRIs, but that is fine.

Still, what do I do about protecting my wealth? First define what wealth is - I am certain it isn't money, investments nor the land I live upon. My wealth is in the family and friends that share their wealth with me, and it isn't money. All that I value, really value, will really miss if it is taken from me - is love. Not the stuff the entertainment industry cheapens, mocks or doesn't believe in... but real love. That is all the wealth anyone has that no one can take from them. The only reason to cling to life and life saving treatments is that there will still be people that will share love with you, as you do stuff, laugh and cry. Don't see anything else to stick around for - World War Fourteen or the Thousand Years War or the last of the Trillionaires. The next Ice Age, or Global Warming or Space Exploration to the Universe at our command. Only love counts, only love makes it all worth living.

Depressed Penguins in English Zoos, put them in the Southern Hemisphere where they will thrive not in zoos, depression goes away with challenges met. Depressed children, adults and old folks - reach out and make them part of a solution, not a problem to drown in medications. Medications aren't supposed to be forever, you are only treating symptoms not the problem. There has to be more love, and government has no love, it is an institution of political power and process and only knows force to make smart people obey. If you can't convince intelligent people of your idea without force - it is not a truth. Anyway, all I need is love, then all else will work out. So how do I protect my wealth and build it, try to be nicer, try to be smarter, try to do more with and for others, and certainly lay up treasures in Heaven, because the bankers vaults have rats nibbling at the treasures in the tombs.


  1. Good point Earl, that 'bigger' picture that we need to look at is the true wealth we have... Not $$$

  2. You are so lucky I love you, Earl, because I am not pleased to find out that you were in the hospital, had a pacemaker implanted, and are now out by reading your blog after the fact. What happened to keeping your siblings in the loop? Some of us can even arrange school-wide prayers for you on the day you get surgery. Extra prayers are always good.

    1. It was on Facebook! Extra prayers are always good, but I figure you pray for me daily - and I don't need anything special. It all happened much faster than I was prepared for so you would have been behind no matter what happened. I will continue to not be a bother.