Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting restless and impatient...

So I know I have two appointments this week, one hospital called and told me to bring my copayment with me. I don't know what a copayment is, but if it is too much I just stop treatment. Who could afford medical care? we do have taxes to pay first.

Still, the big thing is the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club and the Known Distance Appleseed. That is the highlight of the week. Ammunition is prepared, M1 Garand, will stop at the Dodge dealer for service and check. Rain scheduled all week but that isn't a problem, that is a normal course of winter weather.

I have bruises coming to the surface of the skin, and I wonder why, but then I relook the Pacemaker Therapy booklet, on page 29, the following risk during the procedure are: Bleeding, Formation of a blood clot, Damage to adjacent structures (tendons, muscles, nerves), Puncturing lung or vein, Damage to heart, Dangerous Arrhythmias, Heart Attacks, Stroke, and last Death.  They give me the booklet after the procedure. I am fine, and my body is almost ready to start exercising vigorously... but I will just do some courses on the bicycle tomorrow. Not too much.