Friday, September 11, 2020

Money, what does it have to do with shooting?

  Costs money to get to use the range. I have woken up to the fact I need to supplement my income, cause retirement is best when you aren't trying to live like before the event. Remember that there is a limited flow of money, sooner or later it will be clear... good to have health so when you start falling for Gravity, which always rules, you shouldn't be the next commercial about falling and you can't get up. Or as my wife says, I am too heavy to pick up, and I laugh and mention that we both could go down at the same time. Then what would we do, I have notice that I have to get a walker that I can sit upon, which is currently my wife's fear not mine yet, I am content with the walking stick, or even my halberd.

   I do much in response to my wife's fears and desires, and I can't afford that best get healthier. We went to shop for her desires today. She wants a chair for me to sit upon and watch cable and answer the phone. It must be able to hold a fat old man for hours. I refuse recliners, they are too heavy, and wear out too quick. She is sure I need something to hold my feet up so they don't swell, which is a circulation issue. I went through two furniture stores, found two chairs, first a armed chair for dining table set (my wife nixed it) the second a cushioned chair, color grey, nice not too soft but firm, fake leather of some kind. and it had a pullout ottoman. Costs more than I would ever want to spend, but my wife still believes I will be around for ever so would buy it. But I will keep looking, remembering where it was.

    It does seem like every time I get paid and write the checks for my budget, another tax comes up and I fall back a bit. Thanks for all the help government, three government taxation agencies for one taxpayer - why????


  1. I wish you well in finding the right chair. I sit in a forty-year-old recliner that belonged to my late mother-in-law. The men sat in it for a few years after she passed but broke the foot part. It fits me. She was short and so am I an most chairs are made for people with longer legs. Have yet to find a new one that doesn't leave my feet sticking straight out. I hope you find what you and she are looking for.

  2. Yep, we're losing the money battle, a month at a time. Prices are going up faster than our retirement pay is.