Thursday, May 29, 2014

So how would I address the graduates of the USAMA?

or how would you?

What is important that they know walking off as young new officers?

What must they be ready for?

What do you want them to report after having done their duty?

For sure the Command in Chief didn't cover my points.

It would be an interesting exercise to see how they would have written their graduation speech, or the one they want to deliver in thirty to forty years to another class.

Something to think about, we are talking about the nation's future and who we trust to hold it dear.


  1. I would have told them the truth, not blown smoke up their asses...

    1. And you wouldn't have seen this as an opportunity to speak to the nation, but as a responsibility to tell the cadets the truth about their service, what the nation needs from them, and the price they will pay.