Saturday, May 31, 2014

So olde, I probably need a nap...

so I started today off missing one wife, and a bottle of milk.

No problem, pour last nights coffee on the rolled oats/raisins and nuke for two minutes, add one egg, and another minute. Eat with peach yogurt.

 Wife returns with milk and eggs and I go off to the YMCA. Told to buy beans and hot sausage at the Commissary on the way back. Did so. Only a light work out today, 5k rowing, 7.22 miles on bicycle machine, effort about an hour total.

Then off to range 15 at JBLM. To shoot of course. One redcoat target one AQT. Then back home to rest or finish lawn before Bible Study tonight. Life is so easy, something is going to be very bad soon.

Shot the target from largest to smallest.. I scored 200 rds of CCI 22LR by asking at the range. Keep asking, it is flowing slowly into the system.

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