Monday, March 17, 2014

Too much television makes me wonder...

Caught a bit of a movie named Rendition and it was interesting. But what caught my eye, was not the number of government people in their power and goodness telling untruths. But the man caught by a power that knows no fear.

That is the problem, the powers have no fear, so they have no honor, they aren't controlled by the sense of right and wrong, and they don't think law is for themselves either. In my life, if one has no power, one must be kind and quiet and responsible - otherwise bad things happen to me.

The innocent man caught by American CIA, given to Egyptian law enforcement for torture, has no information, has no idea, and has no one to protect him. So he spends time in the hole, is hurt, humiliated and should have decided to die alone. But he was concerned for his son, his wife and unborn baby, and still has no idea how to make the world a better place. He finally cooperates and gives up the soccer team of Egypt from his boyhood before he went to America.

His American wife is working hard to find him, and tries the hollowed halls of Congress - since one of his college friends works for their elected representative. She even gets to the CIA liaison (or was it Homeland Security) but no one tells her the truth, none of them are afraid of her, their power depends on lies and ignoring her request.

Like the President, the governors of their respective states, or law enforcement officers that don't have anything except bad ideas and power - the innocent man can't survive without adapting and becoming invisible.

The movie should be seen, just to put yourself in the prisoner's place. He will never know what is going on, only that there is an American standing by allowing it to happen.

The rifleman that is told to take some shots near the end of the movie, misses most of them, but no one trains in Hollywood nor Terroristlands to precision just to pretense.

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