Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time is passing... yes, it is...

This is Thursday, and one more doctor's visit bites the dust. We chatted a bit about his new medical tech, the last one didn't last long. And she was young, he said she didn't take criticism well. Too much pride? Or just not looking for work one could be found unfit for? Don't know, the one today found the vein and took the blood and ran the tests and I am still not dead, but I was hungry (fasting for the last sixteen hours). Next visit in four months.

The idea about time passing is that this is Throwback Thursday, I have no idea how one plays that game but, I did post an old picture and asked for information about the other children in the picture, I was the oldest and looks like junior high to me.

I was viewing more salemanship of coins for the coming terrible times, and telling my wife that needles and pins would be better than gold and silver, actually nails (in quantity) would be hot items when everything goes, heavy but really will be needed. Good jars, and such. What you can't buy you must make or find another way to replace them. But I didn't want to undercut the beauty of some of the coins in their design. How after Queen Victoria Britiannia can hold her trident while one of her breasts is pleasingly exposed (it could have been covered by the shield) I will never understand. But I do like the work. Makes our Liberty with the Fort McHenry Flag look a bit dowdy.

While I was waiting I looked at my Concealed Carry License and it expires in less than ninety days, time to renew! That will be the third time, I have carried that card for five years, the one before it for five years, over ten years and no drunken shoot outs, not one bad guy biting the dust, not one mugging, murder, robbery or rape prevented by my armed presence, nice to live in a country where everyone out to get you is only on the internet or television or in your mind... or in your government. If the government was really ours, it wouldn't be out to get us, would it?


  1. Earl, glad it went well, and that is a good question...

  2. The U.S. minted a bare-breasted Walking Liberty quarter in 1916, similar to Britannia, but replaced it the following year due to public outrage at the obscene image. Victoria may have been puritanical but we are downright prudish in some things. OK for a hood ornament but not a coin.