Sunday, March 16, 2014

America's Rifle, Rise of the AR-15

CNBC special from 2013 I found drifting around the cable until the Korean Historic Drama shows up. They did a fair job of covering the threat of the rifles, the allure, the mythology, the panic buying and the regular buying. They didn't cover competitions, hunting. They did dwell a lot on the shooting classes, the preppers, and the idea that some kind of control had to be out there. Nothing too deep, sure enough, if I had some more money I still wouldn't have an AR. You all may have yours, and thirty round magazines and three thousand rounds in the ammunition storage of your home or ship. I won't be worried nor afraid.

The four people that once worked in the gun industry and have now gone over to the Gun Control Darkside were highlighted, as well as the 800,000 ARs sold to people that may not have owned an AR before, but are becoming one with the Force. Twenty-five years of carrying the AR, which I have always held was built for women to carry in the military, I am convinced that the heavier rifle is the one I want for the couple of years and couple thousand rounds I have left in me. It doesn't matter to me. If your entirely sane, intelligent and caring politicians can't figure out that the law against murder doesn't protect anyone, they won't be sane, intelligent and caring enough to know that disarming the law abiding folks won't protect them either. Remember the family killed by the New Orleans Police on a bridge during Katrina?

More reports of 22LR found a proper prices this weekend. It only takes five hundred for a fast paced Appleseed Event, two days of shooting the best one can. I am now reading another examination of the Norman Conquest of England, which only started with the Battle of Hastings and the death of Harold.

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  1. Not surprised by the 'slant' of the program Earl, look at who did it. And concur on the 'big' rifle in our waning days... Also glad 'somebody' is finding affordable ammo... sigh