Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So today I find I know nothing about the Artillery...

I once was a 13 B, 13F, then a 13E and did wonderful things... but steady improvement means change.

So I catch a picture of two fine paratroopers that have distinguished themselves and A Battery 2-319 AFAR

Nice job, very nice job, then I notice that one of them is a 13D and I remind myself there is not such... well there is now.

So enjoy the quick video, remembering that the equipment demonstrated is for heavier units than the 82nd Airborne Division, but charts and darts remains the same.


  1. Earl, A 13D is a combination of the old 13E and 13C MOSs. At the platoon/battery level, they are still using charts and darts in conjunction with computers to calculate firing data. In the unit pictured, they use a combination of laptop computer, handheld PDA, or regular firing chart/sticks to compute data. It all depends on if they are riding in their truck or working off the ground/out of their ruck. Also, I was there when that picture was taken. If you know any old 2-319 AFAR vets, please share that facebook page with them. We would love to here from them. https://www.facebook.com/2nd319th

    1. I normally share the pictures I get from y'all. I am starting to feel like that old WWI vet at the Division Review, how did this get so 'outta hand?' but still liking to look on at your best, and wallowing in what we did so well once, and can no longer carry the burden... proud that you are doing better.