Thursday, October 3, 2013

Full faith and trust in.... the US government? not today...

Almost 17 trillion dollars in debt. And we aren't even fighting a war for our lives.

They had best start selling off the parks and the lands and paying down the debt, or the currency will become worth nothing. That is what happens, and I have some RVN currency, when it doesn't matter what the paper says, no one is buying it, taking it in payment, nor will you accept it.

I have a much higher credit limit than I use, the Federal and State governments should also, especially since they don't really create things. Really, they don't. Okay, they will create a mess, but you can't show me where that was supposed to be a function of government. And, are you buying a mess anytime today, tomorrow or from the past?

I have an idea, sell a couple of nuclear weapons to Iran, then they won't have to make their own. Then mention why the Soviet Union never used theirs. Or that we, Americans, haven't used any since WWII.

Leadership to me has always meant someone I would follow, into battle mostly - but I have tried to follow the best of my father and other men I have met during my life.  Not one elected to current political offices, very few media types, no entertainers.

The government has gone to forcing, bullying and demanding that I follow - the ton of rules, regulations, acts, and swarms of agents against me are LEGION. And this from a government that doesn't love me, won't protect me, doesn't nurture me -- have I requested stupid people with stupid ideas to force me to lose weight, stay young and virile, strong and hard working? Nope, not I.  So how did they start to think they are intelligent, fine folks? Who is fooling whom?

So why follow the fools? Come on, just because other fools elected fools, or the fools hired expert fools does not mean you should become so foolish. If there was a good to great idea in government, the people in government aren't sharing it, nor its benefits. Nor are they willing to subject themselves to their own foolish ideas. What do you think they are peons? What do you think they really think YOU are? Foolish in the least.


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    1. A government of concerned citizens, just for a couple of their years, no more than six.