Thursday, October 10, 2013

I want to blame Thomas Jefferson, it was his writing...

Not that government education and history re-written aren't also at fault. But he personally changed 'life, liberty and the pursuit of property' to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. He already had property, and wanted to broaden the appeal of the Declaration of Independence to the unwashed masses that he thought only pursued happiness in a good rum or stout.

So the only part of the Declaration of Independence taken to heart in America, is that key phrase, 'pursuit of happiness'. The original 'sound bite' for the revolutionary journalists, who were still using printing presses.

Yep, the President isn't happy, and compared the Republicans to terrorists and such. Saying that they couldn't stop working (which they haven't) and demand anything from the factory. But that describes a strike, a union weapon in the war on management, and the President couldn't say this was a strike - the unions would wonder. It is fine, I understand although he didn't really say it, that the current government shutdown is a LOCK OUT, an anti-union tactic of management against unruly workers and impossible demands. The media will report it however they will, truth is never in advertising and the media only reports the news for the sponsors to gain audience, only.

It does not matter, they (and I mean all of thems in Washington, DC and the IRS, NSA, and alphabet organizations linked to the US government) will fail, since they aren't working together to solve real problems they and the past have created. They could do better by shutting their telephones, office doors, keeping the media out and working on a solution in a hot Summer in Philadelphia without air conditioning. But they really have lost focus. The people with money will be yanking on strings, puppets march to the tune of Toy Soldiers.

As the people will work without them, and the people will, the government has no choice but to clamp down and make everyone do what it wants. Give out fines, beat them, soak them and shoot them down... that is just what happens when the people threaten the life of the people in power. That is a universal. They weren't paying enough attention to all the collapsing governments everywhere in the last two hundred years.

I have determined, having helped my wife a bit with her IRA rollover mess (caused by investment houses that don't want to lose customers and assets) that I am going to have to try and find a job like my grandfather did during the Depression. And I don't have his talents, but I will have to put myself out there as a gatekeeper, a security subsystem to defense of a self sustaining agricultural enterprise of some kind. Return to the era of the feudal system? Governments are only worthy that work, after that one goes back to brigands, clans and liege lords. But you knew that didn't you? Sergeant at Arms has real meaning then, and weapons master works, too.


  1. Question: where did you find the tidbit that Jefferson originally wrote "pursuit of property"? I'd like to read that, too.

    1. I haven't found that, its just that 'everybody knows' that he based his writing on his study of others. I have never figured out what happiness was either, kind of like wanting the Joy of salvation, but not the suffering to achieve it, they are all words that only work when one understands.