Saturday, October 12, 2013

Busy day, so I had best have a strong cuppa coffee...

It is true, that the People of America do not need any political parties, especially any party that thinks they are in charge of  something. The people of America are supposed to be in charge. But then, the folks with money would have trouble spreading their money around to get their way in the hallowed halls and chambers of horrors. If anything, the effect would be exactly the same as the Yankees win every World Series. Which directly is why, political parties, people with money and those that want good order do not want the people to keep and bear arms. Too many to buy, they don't directly affect anything.. but they are scary. Which is why, the governments fear of the folks, becomes heavier arms for the Department of Education, the National Park Service, the IRS and such. They do want to make you afraid of them... be very afraid.

I can't be afraid, still working on getting the home ready for Men's Bible Study this evening. Which sounds so simple, and the Bible study is, but the wives' support system is where it gets complicated. On days like this I want to live in a monk's cell. Another class I should have taken, how to be social, and not afraid of what others think, as long as you aren't offending. I will be sorry for all that I offend anyone, but I really don't care what you 'think' about me, my family, and especially my home. I am married to someone that does get concerned if we aren't all we should be in others' eyes. Which should bring my stress level up, but it doesn't.

I have been thinking of the end of the world, and doing contrasts and comparisons with Historical downfalls and such. It has already taken place. What was great about America was stolen, perverted and abused until there were no longer great people produced. Therefore, and ever after, all the King's horses and all the King's men can never put America back together again. Pot holes. That is the symptom of the disease that caused the death of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Pot holes. Look around, where ever you are, there are indications of the world in collapse. Because we live in it, we adjust and work around and don't know that the best years are long gone. The greatest freedom, the most productive, the most sharing and caring. Those days are gone. Not that we don't live on, produce more, are efficient than our great-great-grand folks. We are suffering because we aren't serious about anything, we have pleasured ourselves into pampered pets. That whole idea of a meaningful life, became trying to have a luxurious life. It is all about me, not enough about we, and certainly not one thing about THEE.

As the idea that one didn't have to protect the family, clan, tribe, state or nation - one could hire it done, the Roman Republic slipped into Empire and one man would be center stage... it wasn't really so, but did give everyone a target for blame, shame and to assassinate. Little gods that can't deliver never endure. There were pot holes in the Roman Empire, roads that weren't repaired, bridges that fell. Not all at once, in bits and pieces, no one stood up to fix them - the Senate was busy organizing a grand opening of a new marketplace or something. Or trying to put down a few rebellious legions, led by a former Senator, or a nation that wanted to fix its own pot holes first and was getting too independent.

Governments, being made up of people, have self interest and survival instincts - so when threatened by their own incompetence, others with better ideas, and just real life folks that want to destroy you - you concentrate on the threat you understand the best. Which is normally internal to your nation. They would never address their own incompetence, since they don't understand why it doesn't work.. They also don't do well with other cultures, languages, philosophies and national goals - they don't even try to understand.

Humanity will continue, just not like it could have been, and History will be written about how this leader was this, and that leader was that, and how the people suffered or survived because another hero or savior a rose. But there isn't anything new, just the same failings, sins, and saviors and time rolls on. The world I was born into is gone, in a twinkling. The best past is in Norman Rockwell paintings, in some fine stories, in some great music.  But all I see and hear around me center on coarse, crude, or crud, or curses.  Well, I do see the blessings, the blest and the better.  None of which is mainstream, main street nor main lined. See the end of the best world ended. Pot holes. You should fill them in, but you are taught to wait for the experts from a failed government... happened just like this every time it could have been great.

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