Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How do I measure government failure, 17 Trillion ways....

There are many economists that will try to reassure me that the debt isn't too big when compared to the Gross National Product, to which I say - that is not what will kill America.

What kills America is not the unsustainable debt, the problem lies in that the government is too criminal, corrupt or just irresponsible to have in effect a real working plan to eliminate the debt, its pressure on the stupid leadership and that threat of NO FAITH in the dollar.

If you think that the artificial pains and reporting by the media is discomforting, how are you going to behave when all you have saved, invested and counted upon will evaporate? Just like starting out, with nothing except the will to live, and work to make it better. And how old are you now?


  1. Old enough to NOT believe the BS coming out of DC... sigh

    1. I think I had better do something similar to what my Grandfather did during the Depression, find a job on a working agriculture enterprise, with some large garden, hunting privileges and a roof over the family.