Friday, October 4, 2013

Yes, the President has made a line and won't negotiate...

Show some firm resolve.

So of course the National Parks are closed, off limits, not to be enjoyed nor preserved for posterity. No telling what is happening there while no one is on watch.

So, since the Federal government can't open up Mount Rainier National Park, God cleared the skies, brought out bright sunlight, and it is reflected on the fresh snows from the last two weeks of wet. You have to be impressed here in the great NorthWest, when all your gray skies and gloomy wet weather pass and the mountains cry out "Look at me, I am awesome!"

Yes, the day is great here, thank the LORD, because little men and women in Washington, DC, just don't do anything for the weather, the people nor the Lord God almighty.  Not an election cycle, is it?