Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boy, quiet weekend, isn't it?

Government shutdown and threatening of next months VA Checks and maybe even Social Security have been covered by The Main Stream Media as the watch the action, or crickets chirping in the hallowed halls of government.

I know that they big guys never covered the truckers, cause everyone knows they couldn't have shown up, and a million Vet March on Washington, DC? Most veterans were in church and with families or supporting great things in their community. You can count on the vets. There seemed to be a bubble on my internet connection, but you can't believe everything on the internet can you? But I would. There were even greater rumors of generals relieved through the military in the last quarter, in preparation of their resistance to unlawful orders. Don't know myself, but I do know who is running the military, and they aren't generals - who only have great effect outside of their organization, and some effect inside of it. But folks in politics think Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans, or Grant took Richmond.

None of that was on my radar, locally. We had a wonderful time hosting the Men's Bible Study in our home, good friends, Good News, and great food. Everyone left with that warm glow that feels like family. Then church was fine, seems there is a Billy Graham Crusade event, around 7 November, that our Pastor is trying to get us to become part of, to reach out to those that don't know.  After church, doughnuts, coffee and talk - then to Sunday School lessons and then back to the Fellowship Hall for more coffee and talk. While there I wandered over to see and noticed a young boy, about seven or eight, and he looked aware and polite. So I barged in and said. "You look like you are waiting for orders."

He looked at me, wondering... and so I hit him with the second sentence. "Go get a hot dog." and he did. You understand that I recognized the kid I once was, waiting for an invitation to do something, knowing there wasn't a coin in my pocket and I had not one friend within sight, and never wanting to bother anyone. The hot dogs and many other foods are free, but this was a kid that looked alone, first time I ever saw him, and like I said - he reminded me of someone I knew all too well.

I did some more spreading food and drink around among some visiting adults, but now have to get my suit cleaned, because I am clumsy, and got soup over it as the liquid made a miniature tsunami. Ah, so much more to perfect. Hope you have a wonderful week, RWV Appleseed next weekend in Yakima area.


  1. Well done with the young man Earl! :-) Now 'I' am wanting a hot dog too... :-) Have a good week yourself!

  2. Can't number the number of older men that said something at just my right time to make a move. Go get that hot dog!

  3. It is called having good manners. Congratulations to the parents who raised him right. He will probably become a good man, and there is nothing so needed as good men and women in our world.

  4. Thank you for a great big smile this morning. Well done.