Friday, August 9, 2013

No, Mr. President, it isn't a phony scandle

We know who killed the Ambassador, and three other Americans in Libya. They are all close to the President, because while drones strike in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen - none are striking in Libya. So, the President is protecting them, I am sure he has his reasons.

But about his activities in response to the attack - those are all his. He did answer the call, they needed to get his response to the attack. He told them to call the Secretary of State - she was called. She had no power to project - that all is given to the President. He is the one that can send the 82nd Airborne world wide, or launch Nukes. No one else in the White House. A whole lot of staff to assist him, but he is the one.

You don't have to ask anymore questions about that attack nor the response. It is a done deal, this is the Commander in Chief. He took all the actions he needed.

After the attack and the successful Presidential response it was needed to show the world the President and his agencies knew what was what and were on top of it. The terrible YouTube video was paraded around - it was guilty. For sure that was what happened. The President does not allow lies, nor no response to important facts about how Presidential he is.  He is in charge, he said that was what happened and he made sure you knew that he knows.

Now, the media, has decided - through checking with their bosses that there is no smoking gun involved. After all they were armed with American provided weapons with limited destruction potential - mortars and rocket launchers and automatic rifles and machine guns. Like the ones the President will arm the Syrian rebels and terrorists with... like the ones in Egypt. Do I see a pattern?

If I am still alive when President Obama is no longer the President, I will write a short History of his service to those enemies of what was once the United States of America. Or, you could write your own, there isn't much hidden about what is going on... just sounds differently in the news.


  1. Four died, and to Hillary it doesn't matter, to the Prez, it's just a bump in the road... I say make Chelsea the next ambassador and give her the same 'lack' of support. Let's see how THAT plays out!

    1. NBC News will attend her every movement... but then I am sure it would never happen. Not to a Muslim country.

  2. Thank you "Old NFO" because I had no idea who the four who died were (the signs were on an overpass under which we passed too quickly to read most of them). I still wonder about the 3000+ who died on September 11 since "Dick" Cheney still swears that nothing bad happened to the U.S. during the George, Jr. administration.