Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I am so disappointing, or is it I am so disappointed, or what...

Yesterday I couldn't start my motorcycle, the battery was low, couldn't find my charger, my wife had helped organize my piles of stuff.  Not her fault, she doesn't see my world, she sees hers. That her world is out of order is to be fixed.

I finally found the charger, hooked it up, charged the battery.

Today, I thought I would shoot my pellet pistol at a target in the back yard. No joy, no pressure, it sounds like it leaks. Dried out from years of non use.... okay, get some oil and maintain it a bit. Then try, try and try again.  It does seem to be doing better, now if the shooter would just shape up as well.

It was fun, but I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the neighbors were going to complain. Kept looking over my shoulder - why? Fears from the media, of course, I couldn't imagine this on my own. This is not the first time I have shot my pellet pistol in my yard - I did it in 198? in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Didn't look over my shoulder at anything.

So maybe I am just a frightened old man, or maybe I think 'they' are out to get me, or the fools have my attention --- when I should be focused on the target and placing those shots and having a fun time. A very safe fun time.

You don't shoot? well, you ought to, just so there are more of us looking over our shoulders.

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  1. In Fayetteville, the only reason to look over your shoulder would be to see how many neighbors were lined up for their turn! :-) Shoot and don't worry about the neighbors!