Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great Day in the real world, almost...

I had to go to the park early to help reserve a picnic area or two for the Tacoma First Baptist Church games. I was the second man there and the park is quiet and beautiful.

By eight, other men are arriving to be in charge and make things happen, we help, and slowly get sent to the out lying area. Works for us, more set up, wives and families start arriving as the set up gets much closer to accomplished.

Not all the church members are going to be there, but it is interesting seeing a couple of the young Korean American men, asking me about my Airborne service - not realizing I had my belt buckle blazing away at them. But you have to be Army or airborne to have made the connection.

I wore my kilt in public, ha, ha, ha. Never realizing how tough we make it for little girls to wear such foolishness and still be lady-like. I confirmed to the Koreans that I am just an eccentric old American. Thank you, working hard at that.

After prayer and dedication my wife led the stretching and warm ups, some of the vets said she had picked up my drill sergeant manner well, I had to point out she taught Tae Kwon Do for years and don't think she doesn't know what she was doing.

I got a lot of time in playing with a buddies' grandsons, Julius and Justice, they are definitely being led into manhood well, completely. Did some talking about television network support systems, shooting, and work and family. Lots of kidding, laughing and playing games or just watching those much younger work hard at it. A very good time.

Cleaned up and went home, happy, in the day.

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