Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Worth a thousand words...

So I liked the idea of my eyes, but want to write more about shooting and the RWVA and Appleseeds. And I need a job teaching, since those who can't -- 'teach' what they can't.

So I did a quick shot of me with the auto shoot, and all three pictures were interesting and I used them, in different places. To make it perfect I would have to ask Heather to focus on the front sight, and do better on a back ground (since I should have a range to be shot at, shouldn't I?).

Being picky, I did not get the sling under the support hand, the way I shoot. Also not wearing a glove. And a shooting cap with bill shading the rear sight, so artificial. But it does convey a lot of my point in few words.


  1. Well, it DOES get the point across! :-)

  2. Since so many people come out of private industry these days to become teachers, it is now: those who "can", teach. Much like you teaching at an Appleseed weekend.