Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Someone says we need a dialog... must have been a Greek

So America has a problem, only one? The one they want to talk about is RACE, which is a foolish American Problem.

I wanted to talk about the blue eyed blonde with the jewel in her nostril, that says she is a member of the privileged class. Too young and never been out of her country - where she is such a thing. I have heard a Chinese Businessman say that was the kind of woman he buys for pleasure. She hasn't run into him, nor been where she doesn't speak the language, know the manners and has a place, let alone a privileged place - so young and such an empty mind.

It does seem that those that have darker skin, eyes and hair color have lower status, here in America. Bill O'Reilly says the African-America has a problem, but that box he throws real people into have the same problem the rest of the -Americans do, just the rest of us have to work around, over or through the problem.  Race isn't allowed to be an excuse.

Bad, or at least a poor education system. The founding fathers had more reading and self education than what is offered in our SYSTEM of public education. But the educators want to control the outcome, and dumbing down is an anwer?

Lack of solid marriages - that is everywhere - it matches the lack of personal accountability, and responsibility. That mostly happens when we live where the dog ate our homework. I know they say half of all marriages end in divorce, but that is only because reporters can't do mathematics. They think that a 100,000 marriages in one year and 50,000 divorces in the same year means half have failed. Silly fools, not from the 100,000 that got married.

It is true, marriages that work will raise better children than those that give up because they can't handle the pressure (or whatever silly reason). They may not become President, but they might become hard working folks. Oh, most of those folks not of my classification, and I am thinking of changing it to my DNA code, but I might miss a number sequence - those folks I talk to in church, work beside in the service, laugh with about our family experiences. They don't seem to have Mr. O'Reilly's problem, but because he actually thinks race means something, they become Special Needs people - which with the ones I know aren't ever going to be.

Yes, I do believe we have big problems and the first step is to turn off the MEDIA, then find love with your family and friends and the folks in the neighborhood.  Have good manners, be clean, the Boy Scouts seemed to have the quick answer for young men. I have an idea the Girl Scouts had a great answer, too.

In the end, it will only be the individual effort, to better themselves without tramping on others, that will help restore civilization. For some Communications style reason, Bill O'Reilly is almost shouting - displaying his lack of control? while two or three of the men he was talking to were calm, certain and willing to listen but they weren't out of control. I can't find any good answers in Bill O'Reilly's putting everyone not like him in prison for a long, long time. Indenture them to the Chinese.

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