Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doctor's visit, or I visited the Doctor...

Anyway, I have four months to live, until my next appointment. Nothing wrong with me that the LORD won't fix, my doctor's recommendations need a few more years of mulling over.

So, you need a couple of beautiful things that I saw that you should have shared.

Looking across Gray Army Airfield on Fort Lewis, at Mount Rainier shining in the blue distance. the gray airfield, lifting like the Chinooks, to the blue skies with the little haze swathing the base of the volcano. So many shades of blue on the Mount and in the layers.

Second one is from yesterday as I rowed my machine at the YMCA. Usual suspects on the basketball floor below. The coach/father and this three players were being filmed in their awesomeness by a professional team. Four players doing two on two, very aggressive and passionate and since two of the opposing players seem to be brothers that had some words on my way into the Y, they are committed. Gosh they do play hard. But what caught my eye was the female basketball player on the far side of the court. Most of you don't remember the Breck girls from the 50s and 60s - beautiful women and to die for hair. Well, such a brunette was on the floor, wearing an ornate heavy necklace (maybe earrings, too, too far away for my eyes). Nothing surprising there, except she is wearing a black summer dress, with a swaying skirt, and two straps holding the bodice up... can one have a black summer dress? She was great.

She got many extra points for playing with the two girl children, her daughters? (they would be so lucky!). I imagined, since I am making all this up, that she was waiting for one of them to attend the tumbling or gymnastics class.

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  1. Sounds like somebody is dreaming of the NBA... And good on the lady for taking time with the kids!

    Now if I can just get "Row, row, row your boat" out of my head... sigh