Monday, July 22, 2013

Do ya know the feelin'?

When your belly button sticks right up on your backbone? No, well I have heard about it before, and on that long ride across Montana I started feeling that way - not that I had lost a lot of weight or girth, but the feeling was just that - my belly button was resting on my backbone. I decided I was seriously dehydrated and made a fluid and fuel stop to fill the void.

Watching the children after church run screaming in fun away from each other, at play, I wonder when the adult will take them and quell the pure joy of the chase and flight. As I slog along on the now almost daily gentle jog, I wish I felt that free and fast, have I been there before - sure, and I might not be too far from it now, but... my mind is full and wandering it slows the pace of the body down. Has to be the mind, it wants attention, in a race one is concentrating on the movement, the pace, the breathing, the place in the pack - the focus of the mind is on getting the body to the finish. In the gentle jog - it is more, get on with it, I have stuff to think about and don't disturb 'ME'.

The rowing machine at the YMCA will just record what I perform, I won't sink, move up or down the lake or river, just a static machine, pretending I have done something - and I haven't tipped the boat over yet, nor run into any of the other rowers. But I do feel the rhythm and like the workout for its concentration on the legs, arms and back. No seasick pills needed. The bicycle machines have links on, under my Ride History, where I can see what I have virtually done so virtuously. No, I don't work out that hard, I am a real SENIOR on Medicare, I only think tough and fit. Although, since biking is the second YMCA machine workout, I leave more sweat behind. Then I go for weight machines, or the rope trainer.  Maybe, I will work out on one of the Eliptical machines, while watching Neil or the Five on FOXNews.

Wonder why I do all of this? Well, one of the nicest compliments I ever received was the one word said with pleasure by a lady that had touched me, 'muscles!' That was a great feeling, haven't had that said about my jelly doughnut texture for a long time. It is paying off, I get to see the ladies in their workout clothing, and I am losing weight and gaining tone. Hopefully, getting fitter. I do feel my body better than the recliner (don't use the recliner much anymore, either). Think in August I will add swimming a couple times a week. Maybe.

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  1. Getting and staying in shape can only help as we grow older...