Friday, July 12, 2013

So we need to teach people to be polite... and aren't...

So a young black man comes out of the darkness and says "Excuse me, sir (or Ma'am) I am on my way home." Helpful Earl says "Do you need some light?" and turns on his flashlight. No punches exchanged (Earl is an old man) no one feels threatened and the two go their own ways.

I normally try to display a kind of a smile, but offering a light in the darkness is positive. Maybe I should get some dental LEDs so like the cat from Alice's adventures you can tell I am smiling.

I am hoping that all the jurors are anxious to get back home to their normal lives. The Media doesn't really want to talk about why it is so important that Zimmerman hang for having the right to carry a firearm and shoot it in self defense.  I think that is where the judge is - on the side of disarming victims and prey. I don't know that, if Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman and gotten his gun, he would have been a more non-entertaining case., little news there. How many black sitcoms are there on television now? Mainstream ones?

Is all black and white in the criminal and romantic potential realms? Media still polarizing us?

So is Earl changing when and where he carries his firearms? No.

So is Earl afraid that the laws will change? Earl knows the laws always change, and people will never study History enough to learn from mistakes and know the difference between fantasy and reality.

I think I will work on my manners right after I get my hard bodied sexy fixed. The visits to the YMCA and the short slow daily jog are producing results - and I am happy to have an eight station weight circuit added to my weekly base exercise routine. Yep, I will work on manners next.

Pictures, the fledglings are flying now, the nest will soon be very quiet and empty.

My wife's war with the mole is interesting, she moved the photocell mole annoyer, and of course the mole covered it with dirt, she cleaned it off and the mole returned and did it again.