Wednesday, July 10, 2013


When you are armed you are responsible for your weapons, their effects and control. So the trial of George Zimmerman is about to finish. And he will soon know what Shane knew, there is no living with a killing. I can't tell you that he acted in self defense, I know that he thought he did, that the original police investigation thought he did. Do I think that Treyvon could have killed Mr. Zimmerman? At seventeen I could have killed him, so yes, I think that Treyvon could have. I don't know that he wanted to but he seemed to have bad intentions, at seventeen I got into fights but never to kill, really harm or hurt whom I fought against.

There is a lack of responsibility in the media, slanting and reporting what will bring consumers to your vending stall. Five black men killing two white folks - never got national media coverage. All the black on black crime will never get national media coverage except as an excuse to disarm the white populations as much as possible.

If you carry a firearm or knives, you are responsible for their control and proper use. Don't think you are going to shoot and everything will be alright, don't think you are going to show a gun and get everyone to do what you want - crazy people aren't sane - and the best defense against an ambush is to attack it. What you have learned on entertainment and news media - is probably wrong. No matter how many women heroines win on television and in the movies, they normally pay big ugly men to protect them when threatened in real life. Make no mistake, ladies, if you are attacked I expect you to fight to the death of your attacker. Just remember that human males make violence a reasonable option, females will negotiate.

When you get older than dirt you can decide to die instead of taking another's life, if you are young you probably have others that count on your future performance and wealth creation - so fight like you want to make it to the next level. Christ loved us all enough to die for our sins, still uncommited, but then he really loved us. We are not so perfect. Raise our children with love, to respect and honor others, but never to fear anything nor anyone save the LORD. Be responsible.

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  1. Good post and excellent points Earl, and we DO have that responsibility!!!