Sunday, July 14, 2013

A world of wonder...

Human Evolution is... happening? Let me see, homosexual marriages will produce... another Human Era, or anther human error?

The World, my world, our world, God's world.... which is your perspective? How do you understand the little life you have been given, the opportunities, the challenges and where are you going to find solutions and will you get there before what you know is gone, done and only a memory?

Time to get off of the Martin Zimmerman collision. Just take the part of either person - all that you know about either of them. Then put yourself in their place, and the outcome is different. Even as a punk tough I was never going to pop someone in the face and then begin beating his head on the sidewalk, and I would never have told them they were going to die. As a gun carrier, I am a long way off from using my pistol to removing a threat on my life. Now, everyone will have different answers - those that say they wouldn't have been there in the dark - probably wouldn't have been - but then the local parks people have banned humans from the parks after the Sun goes down. They are so afraid.

I have been noticing the outrage (faked I am sure) from the international communities  about the American event. Those are the same communities that stood by while ugly has been constantly happening in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

Just finished watching Pacific, the HBO miniseries based on the Marines in WWII. Very well done, and I have no idea how tired they were, no air conditioning, instant communications home. The wrap up of the real Marines, old picture and current picture if they lived long enough, and their marriages and children, grand children and great grandchildren was a solid ending. As close to a happy ending as movies will ever get.

Anyway, I am not evolving - the species maybe - you can't show me proof. I know that with the physical, mental and spiritual capabilities built into our design - very few of us ever reach our ultimate potential, most of us humans aren't even trying to do more than find the good stuff. Whatever that is in your life. The next time you talk to young people find out why they think money is their purpose. Ask them the path they are going to take to success. How different is their success from your own?

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  1. Well the kids are getting bigger, better nutrition and all that... The rest? I don't know what they will do since many have no work ethic...