Friday, July 26, 2013

So how is the war on guns going?

I think they are winning, or they think they are winning.

If there are people of good sense, shooting safely, promoting safe shooting sports, hunting and self defense -- and there are many. What they don't seem to be doing is making it a LAW that to be a citizen of the United States of America - that you must be a safe qualified shooter, own your weapons of choice and be accountable for their proper use.

The ANTI-gun crowd has few brains functioning well, and for some reason believe that guns have a mind of their own, are evil and will make you do strange sexual things in the dark (or something). BUT they certainly are willing to make everyone else comply to their version of the Universe. They insist that all guns are bad, that only police and armed forces under the control of the government may use them gently in pursuit of the common good and national objectives.

It could be that real people of the gun, aren't seeking to make the world a better place, just their place in it. When asked about our country, I have an opinion, but for sure I can only handle getting my body to the YMCA for physical therapy - the government can't, and they already have too much on their plate.

The politicians and the ANTI-Gun ghouls will be constantly attempting to make the gun the problem, because they won't admit that people are the problem. So maybe we need those laws that require people to be armed, trained and potentially dangerous. Spitting into the wind, aren't I?

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  1. That we are Earl, and they DO NOT want to admit it is NOT the gun that is the problem... I never cease to be amazed that an inanimate object can (in their eyes) be so evil!!!