Friday, July 19, 2013

So you haven't been to the Fish Camp...

For years I have been saying 'No' when asked if I wanted to go fishing. Don't ask me why, I just have this dollar limit on my idea of fun and the cost of fishing, in the ocean, wasn't inside that limit. But my wife said we should go visit the Fish Camp for a day and see what is going on. The women don't seem to fish, it seems to be a man thing, in this group - not on the boats.

I needed a break from the Jog/YMCA routine and only one day wouldn't turn me back into the horror that I could be without trying. So I copied the directions, and promptly lost them, looked it up on the internet and copied them, and punched the destination into my GPS. On our way!

Considering how far away I normally drive for Appleseeds and visiting folks, this was a short trip, about an hour and three quarters. I passed the Stafford Creek Corrections Center, I once visited there for an outreach ministry.  I knew the library staff there, once.

I find the Twin Harbors Beach State Park, which is where the crew has three campsites reserved and are set up. They lock in, in January for July. They say they come and camp on Thursday, Fish on Friday and return on Saturday after Noon. But they had come out on Wednesday this time. I couldn't find them immediately, so my wife grabbed her cell phone and called and as she got someone to answer, I was driving directly at her as she waved and talked to my wife.  Cool.

We park and say hello, get something to drink and grab a chair and start talking. This is a group of old folks, I hear complaints about noisy neighbors (children!), and that the women are going to take a hike to the beach, the men are going down to pick up tickets and check out this day's catch as the boats return to the floats. That was a good way to slowly make me think I could have fun with this event. I am always open to seeing more about something I don't know about, just not always willing to spend dollars on it.

I did get a good tour, some pictures and enjoyed the day - which for us included a tour of the yurts (no, the Mongols wouldn't recognize them) but a fine place to live on the edge. So after a grilled on the grill steak dinner, corn on cob and baked potatoes. We said good-bye and thanked them for the great time and drove on home. Which is always faster than the trip away.

So today, Friday, they got on the SLAMMER and went out deep bottom fishing, and they expect to have a great time. The weather was great here, they had all the seasickness patches or pills to keep them fishing instead of puking. They should have had a great day.

Will we go next year? If my wife wants to, we will get a yurt, same days and probably I will go fishing, just to say I have done so..... but actually,  I will start every day with a long jog, a shower, and then maybe row a boat or paddle a kayak around. My wife will want to walk with her friends almost every day, and I will have a kindle load of books to browse or read. They also do horseshoes and card games and watch the bonfire. Yep, best do it once before I die, these fellows aren't getting any younger. Ha, ha!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting outing... And those steaks look pretty good too!