Saturday, January 26, 2013

What you haven't seen on the news feed today...

Thousands of married Americans in love with each other and not cheating even in their mind. Hundreds of beautiful babies born, weddings happening without drunken bachelor revels. People went to work, did the job, and were helpful, courteous and productive - and weren't represented by a union, although most union members went to work, did the job, were helpful, courteous and productive - and paid their union dues. More policeman/women hours were spent on paperwork than curbing crime, but the criminals are mostly waiting for darkness or courage or stupidity to strike. There were large numbers of people saying hello to neighbors, meeting over fences, cleaning the yards and watching golf (?) or another sport. Although the television tried to make you stay inside away from the freezing and windy weather - lots of people went out to walk the dog, care for the animals, play hockey or ice fish. Lots of library and bookstore browsers, patrons and buyers - Amazon hasn't cornered every market yet. There were more firearms used for lawful purposes and good stuff than criminals or some politicians would like. More people prayed today than committed suicide, or died.  More people sang in the shower or along with their music box - whatever version or tune, than frowned in frustration all day long. The number of people worried excessively about their gray hair and wrinkles, is so much smaller than the beauty aid ads would have you believe. More children brought laughter and joy to their parents than can possibly be recorded on a blog. Hope you found some real love today, gave some away and made a stranger smile deeply.

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