Sunday, January 27, 2013

How many Main Characters in your life?

Finished reading a book, interesting but found the author making his central (main) character next to Superman with vulnerabilities like a heart, and two remarkable gun shot wounds - that only slowed him down enough to introduce all his super cool buddies, that also had his weaknesses and all his confident strengths... like love of shooting, flying, beautiful women, steak and fishing, and poor language choice when aroused in wrath. So, it is like Doc Savage, superman of bronze, with all his high speed buddies, that for some reason had to be rescued along the story line, by Doc Savage. The hero wins, against the villains, and in our minds and hearts because we are simple folks - living on certainty that the book will end the way we want our world.

Might be the reason the great authors, like Larry McMurtry, retell the stories of real people of the Wild West, with all their flaws and foolishness, but leave the core untouched, pure.  I remember, many main characters that were heroic, and flawed and often destroyed by those flaws, heroically. Their stories live on much longer than James Bond - although I think some of the new Predator Drones are being named after 007. Fewer flaws.

One could name all the historic Mountain Men, but not all the trappers in the height of the beaver trapping, trading and hat making.... one could name the famous that died in the Alamo, but few knew the places of birth of them, although since so many Mexican soldiers died there, many were from old Mexico. It takes a lot of people to make a History, and a few will find a place on the pages written to explain who, why, where, when and how. And if you think the President, like a main character, is central to History - I will tell you that every President had more people going their own way in the world than following him... but it takes time to find all those folks that had a real life outside of the recorded story, there were more than Crazy Horse riding on Custer in his final battle - more books about Crazy Horse and Custer than any of the others that day.

Being a hero isn't about getting a medal, being a superman, nor puffing chests. Seems to me that being a hero is accepting a task, accomplishing it and humbly moving on to the next one.  Real heroes are everywhere, celebrities aren't but seem to be making money from their followers... hope there are many humble heroes and heroines in your story - not the one you are writing, the one you are living.

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  1. Well said Earl, it IS the 'little people' that truly make things happen... Without those unsung heroes we wouldn't be here.