Friday, January 25, 2013

I am looking at my gun, and no violence, I am waiting...

Gun violence, nice scary term, but what they really mean is Human Violence, and they have laws against all of that type. Guess we need to start outlawing humans and the violence problem will go away. True, no humans, no violence by nor against humans.

You do know that I have been trusted by my Army to carry a loaded M16A2, so what changed when I left the service? I can't be trusted any longer? If you understood the rules of the military, and their special justice system, you might think that they (the Army) didn't trust anyone.  But then the humans, the soldiers didn't have special justice to contain you and your violent M16A2 -- but then you never hurt any of them with it, did I? I must have a special perfect gene, the coffee was always hot, the day fine, the sleep sound. Or I am a good guy, or just hadn't been tempted by the power of that assault rifle. Fools everywhere aren't there?

I am no longer interested in the whole debate, the destruction of the Constitution, the coming collapse or the creation of a better world on the other side of this one... History is full of failures, there is no reason that the American experiment cannot fail, too. And no, I won't say, I told you so.

If the citizens of this nation, do not understand the American Revolution, the Constitution and their own individual duty to stand ready to defend it, and the prohibition of the government to infringe on their right to keep and bear arms -- if all that is true, then it is over and stupidity and irresponsibility are in charge. And it happened on your watch. It may have even started before you were born, but you didn't question it, you didn't speak out, speak up nor voice your thoughts. Too busy being fat and happy, now you don't like hearing you are of the common people, you thought there was no price to pay for being an American, a great nation. So you won't be a great nation, a bastion of Liberty in a sea of tyranny... yep.


  1. Stupidity/Iresponsibility and the gimmie mentality... sigh... And I DO believe we're screwed...

    1. I have signed up to show up on the 8th of February at 10AM PST at our Capital campus and show the flag. I have nothing except the YMCA visit and I can do that after the time in Olympia. Maybe I should get a flag to carry, do you think?