Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who are you, do you think anyone knows?

Are you working class? Lower class, upper class, rich swell, homeless drunk, single mother, deadbeat dad? What is your color? Black, white, red, yellow? Your tribe: Zulu, Saxon, Roman, Spartan, Mongol? Does seem to be lots of pens to separate the sheep into, or is it cages for you dangerous gun toting ones, mansions for the government elite, you can have your place - just accept the way the World works... it isn't a computer program, but we will pretend it is.

Sorry, I don't want to play, and it always upsets me to hear that I must be something because of what I have on my collar (too much time in the military and rank is often equated with brains and behavior) what I look like as I dress. The amount of total lies and foolishness about war, about History, or about science that someone wants to be true --- or even worse their thoughts on God or religions (which are never the same thing). But no one wants to admit that they must constantly question, for the truth to ever be found, you must test and taste and then you can own it. If you are living on someone's thoughts or their story - are you going to make all their mistakes? Standing outside without emotional attachment you can see what went wrong... but you don't do enough after actions, nor spread the wealth of your new knowledge and tactics quickly enough to change.

The government has no interest in treating you as a thinking caring human being. They live on the idea that they will have to beat you to get enough work out of you, pay you money for not rioting, and feed you because you can't feed yourself. I have been in countries where none of those things exist - and they function as well or better than here in the United States of America. A truth is, humans will cooperate and solve problems to survive and grow. Considering that teachers unions didn't exist when Lincoln was growing up, in the 19th Century, one wonders if we would all be able to make moving speeches, if we hadn't been burdened with the 20th Century educational goals. Since the goal of the Union is always to control the employment of their members and to leverage the employer to the point they almost expire - I have always wanted a union that qualified and certified its members and negotiated their contracts, and stood proud of their quality members, instead of just confrontational accepting guilt and responsibility for poor performance. But I have always wanted too much.

Anyway, you can label me whatever you believe, but I answer to Earl much better than Bill or William. But you would have to know me, and no matter what cage, pen or pasture you think you have put my into - I don't fit any of them. But rest assured, I don't want to put you into a box, and mislabel all you are or could be to my goals in life. Be blest, live long in love.


  1. A more important question is does ANYONE other than the Government care??? Immediate family excluded... Or are we just numbers in somebody's spreadsheet?

  2. They can only handle us in gross lots, which is why single serial killers last way too long, or how insane find the things they need to cause panic and death.