Sunday, September 2, 2012

What am I doing up so early again?

No good reason, there ought to be a law against it.

It is Sunday, and church at nine-thirty, coffee and talk, Sunday school lesson, then seaweed and rice soup for my wife and her friends as they chatter away, then back home. Must be some football somewhere, but I am drifting away from the noise on the television about whatever.

In the cable bill was the guide for doing my best on all that is out there - since there is too much, I will look at what is likely for my time, worthy. I am talking about the difference between regular and HD. Sure enough, when I went on the HD broadcast I had full screen and wonderful entertainment, then commercial interruption.

Nicest thing about being up at this time in the morning with no background noise, I can listen to the video clips on my laptop. Not the greatest sound system and production in this machine. But you can't expect it to overcome my hearing challenges - if I were serious about it I would wear a hearset, knocking out the chatter to listen to the great sounds, digitally produced. Or not.

Speaking of background noise, no matter all the experts and the political process, I will find more joy in knowing all that I love is getting blest. Hope you find it so, too.


  1. Yep, the 'background noise' is becoming more and more strident... sigh

  2. I am almost ready to get my permanent hearing loss tested again, as opposed to my temporary loss caused by allergies, because it's getting harder to understand my students in the classroom. It is an advantage for them, though: when they finish a year with me, they are accustomed to speaking clearly and "loudly" in a group. Maybe I should just wait another year.