Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day, one of those I could miss, not working...

Although, it was wonderful to have my wife with a day off, the beauty of the day, so we saw a movie and had a fish dinner and walked in the park to keep me awake. A very good day.

The movie is worth recommending, so go see it. 2016.

I loved it for reasons most folks from the United States of America would miss, but then I am not always with the crowd. I was disappointed to find that Barack Obama wasn't born in Kenya. Well, junior wasn't. Barack Obama, senior, certainly was.

I liked best the comparison of the author and Barack's early life, how both of them succeeded in the USA, and all the background of their people and countries/cultures of origin.

Of the people interviewed, I really keyed in on George Obama, our President's younger brother. He said three things that were worth the price of admission. But I don't expect that the mainstream media, the liberals and the neocons to pay attention, because what he said will not fit their world view. But he didn't lie, which I found refreshing.

I will say I do not fear President Obama's second term if he wins it, I don't think what will happen is his plan nor his fault. Most of what needs fixing in the United States isn't within the control of the government, so I expect the Zombie Apocalypse no matter who wins just because both parties and the bankers are ignorant of how quickly and permanently lack of trust will destroy the whole fabric of our nation and there by the world. Don't worry about it, plastic surgery and stomach operations may make you look good, but you aren't healthier. Same problem for the country.

There were some great previews of coming movies, and I will be looking for them. I have up graded my basic television with the HD channels, keeping only the others that I sometimes watch, like the Canadian cable. Like time on the computer, I don't need more books, television or internet - but if I have any of them for the best they have to offer, I should make the platform worthy, too.

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