Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Boy cried wolf... and no one listened when the wolf showed up....

  So I have way too much time to think... and I notice in my indolence that lying to the folks gets you the expected results, they don't believe and go their own way. Or you weren't lying, but it could have been that way, just looked like a wolf, or you didn't mean to hurt anyone and your couldn't help yourself. You have heard all those excuses in the last few years, about the Presidents, the Congress, the Media, the people, John Q. Citizen and the forgotten and deplorables.

   So we have a new illness, the government can't control it. Where does it say the government is supposed to? It is a problem, so have the government handle it? We will work better on it by hiding in cover - isn't that what we do during 'active shooter' situations? Cower in place, until the guys with the body bags and tags show up... Looking at both situations, I think prayers and divine help is a better start then take action where you are.  Just me, of course, I have been a firm believer in cover and attacking the cause of my troubles - you should have seen the doors I have gone through.

   If you were the first to suffer an illness, what would you do? Most illness is suffered the same way, be kind to the patient, warm or cool, rest, plenty of liquids. Don't forget them but don't bother them, and keep them separated until they are recovered. That looks like something I read before somewhere. Why solitary people can adventure, and if thy have others with them they can write about it, otherwise you have to hope they kept a journal and it survived.

  If my mother and my wife can't get me to obey them in everything, how can the government?
I am going to die, one day it will happen and that is only unknown to me: the when, why, the where.

  And I need to practice my six steps for taking the shot, and get prepared for the daylight - which has snuck upon me, while I have been thinking. Take care out there, your best is needed everyday, really.

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  1. We do what we know how to do. Being mostly solitary is a good start... :-)