Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ah, you wonder why we as a moral people, Americans should support lawful conduct?

  The Wall, TRUMP's WALL, or whatever is only a barrier. Most government actions are barriers, to limit actions of the folks listening. You have noticed that few are obeying? Just check the speed limit and red light runners on the roadways. The drunks and the drugged folks driving, the few that steal property and sell illegal substances or will do strange, intimate or immoral acts for money. One would think that the government could take care of all that without building a wall. And I hold that the government could try, but mostly they just make barriers. Now, I do think the government should stop killings. But then I think that abortion is just medical murder of unloved babies - a high price to pay for failing to stop having sex until you grow up and partner up to raise children. And no one is building a wall to keep those that love babies and children from the murderers of the innocent. Government in all it lack of goodness strikes again. That term or phrase - 'strikes fear into the hearts and minds' - that is probably a tactic of bad rulers or wanna-be rulers, lacking logic or leadership or even salesmanship.
     Immigration is needed in Europe and America, because the government's policies are mainly about maintaining power and taxation of subject populations, and not about sound growth of citizens by solid family with a strong moral core and love of their nation and neighbors. Really, a lot of government and professional politicians would like the subject populations to live in fear of neighbors, it gives them authority to build TSA, Homeland (when did we start this 'homeland' reference stuff, sounds like German Fatherland, or Russia's Motherland) Security Agency. More government workers owing professional politicians and posers = POWER.

   Anyway, as long as the immigration system is broken (brought to you by elected representatives, purchased by corrupt capitalists, supplying a population to exploit for their benefit) it will remain broken. Both political parties are exactly the same in the outcome of their share of the legislation, and the lack of enforcement for the laws that exist. They want little good law for enforcement, they are only looking for their own power and have little love of immigrants. They have little love for the really bad people hiding among those immigrant populations, often taking advantage of the criminal enterprises and the rewards in drug running and neoslavery of humans caused by their current broken immigration systems.

    Not good enough to stop the illegal drug running, with full automatic or evil semiautomatic weapons, murders and robberies happening from bad hombres in sanctuary cities and states, the government in its fear of lawful civil and mostly moral persuasion must be dis-armed for their own safety, they might commit suicide or murder innocents like Planned Parenthood, or school children like they were a terrorist in Africa. Now the politicians don't really believe they are targets of shooters, check with those that play softball before sessions and the rascally Democrat that sneaked up to assassinate them in mass, with an evil semiautomatic weapon which he learned about by watching a  Harvey Wienstein Production that wasn't about sex.

   The original purpose of the Constitution was to improve the Federal government but limit it, and it started well, but has been changed - the history has been changed and rewritten, mostly for power, gold and greed. Mostly never for God, the godly nor the good. That is how it is we have come to a souless government, populated by people without honor, all working for the evil darkside of their nature. We can never find our way by following the lust and the lost. The correct directions are written and need to be studied. God bless all our best, we have been forgiven all the rest.

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