Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Big day today.... pray for little blessings.. nothing important here, really.

  I get to see my cancer doctor, have more blood drawn then hear his fine medical opinion about my chances of survival. He and I have agreed I will die, in some ways like Samuel Whittemore - maybe eighteen years later, so that is just for knowledge. Then in the afternoon I go to court to see American Justice, not on television, which really isn't as cool as Perry Mason and Judge Judy. In both I am working with professionals to get through a problem and I am not confident they are going to be perfect, hope the LORD makes them competent.

Too cool and so proud
  My sister mentioned wanting to contact me on Skype, so I had to get a new password and sure enough, she didn't answer when I rang...  it is okay, just something I wanted knocked off the procrastination pile.  Alexa really works, except she doesn't live where I dwell, so my son calls to alert me, thinking of which, I need to put skype and Alexa where I will have an attractive background and I can sit alert and interested and participate like the television folks all do...We have the most beautiful orchid and the wrong background for taking its picture. Like smartphone videos and selfies, they just don't get the editing of the professionals and we keep trying. Take my word for it, the flowers are just lovely and on the second or third blooming since I was given them to help my recovery from the cancer surgery so long ago. Nero Wolfe and I appreciate them deeply. God has created more wonders than I can ever encompass.

    Great news that you won't understand, I found a way to muffle and control my hammer toe that caused me so much pain, that I was willing to cut it off with a cold chisel and sear it with a hot iron. Anyway, I could do my exercises and walk with less of a limp, hip is working but squeaking a bit in protest, it likes reclining rather than use - will work on it. The piles of things I haven't gotten to continue to grow, just don't move fast enough, or I can't be bothered... hmm, will have to think about that. Y'all have a wonderful day and do your very best for the glory and the honour.


  1. One day at a time is all we can ask for! Slow and squeaky IS better than the alternative!

  2. As my partners and I keep sayin' 'Keep moving, just keep moving.'