Thursday, November 29, 2018

Not nice to fool Mother Nature... nor mess with her...

  I have been having a doomsday feeling since Prayer Group last Saturday evening. Good study, fine prayers and great fellowship and food... and still I couldn't help thinking the end was near and we are not close to prepared for it. Brought on by the missionary that was shot by an arrow and returned the next day to get killed by more arrows - trying to bring enlightenment to the heathen, in an area put off limits by the local civilized authority. Can't help but wonder if it was a gun free zone. Very poor joke, but the missionary was certain that he could bring peace to the savages, and they were sure he was bringing destruction. According to modern Liberals, he was a token white man bringing all the civilized ills they had brought to the New World in 1492.

  Some fine point on the Facebook feed on the internet I found out that the windshield dead bug count is way down and efforts are being made to get a real count and difference from the counts done thirty or more years ago. You will notice, in the Spring and Summer, the decided lack of insects, except most of us only think of them as something to clean off the radiator grill and windshield as we drive across the country. But they feed lots of bigger feathered flying friends, and slithering long tongued almost slimy things... when enough go the whole food chain is in peril. Remember the beast at the top of the food chain? Yes, your local tyrant/ruler/representative/member of Parliament the one on top of the food chain... they will be the one that will ration, order, regulate and guide you into destruction based upon their need for other useless mouths to feed.   

  There will be many to jump upon the Climate Change bandwagon, and they could be correct. It could be a new bug from space, due to lack of a space force and a cosmic dome. Could be, my best guess, the weed and bug killers are winning. I am canceling all future business with Terminex. It could be that there are too many man made things that aren't food in all kinds of food and trash left around to be consumed by bugs that haven't found the proper acids to render and reduce them into basic real usable compounds. Evolution does take surviving and adapting and lots of time. Jump to the genetic manipulators and you have my other culprit - stuff that isn't real, but that fools (almost) Mother Nature.

   Humans hardly ever leave well enough alone - from forbidden fruit to communism - humanity has many original bad ideas that will destroy innocence, perfection and goodness for all. And as they say, we are all on the same boat, so be good, kind and at peace. Those that aren't going quietly will be loud and proud and dangerous. We haven't been paying enough attention and building stuff that we can use for power, but not love. And without love? there will be nothing...



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  2. Too many acres covered by cities and roads and lawns and barren things that support no life....or not much anyhow.

  3. Well said, Earl. And the loss of civility and basic human kindness isn't helping.